aims to help its customers with the least possible transport charge, having the most competitive services in the market.

Delivery within Greek borders – Greece.


Minimum order amount we deliver is for  2 product as it is priced in Euro .

  • From 0.5 kg up to 4 kg the delivery charge is 3 euro.
  • From 3kg and above we deliver the products with the charge of 1 euro for every extra 0.5 kg (according to the valid discount price list of the delivery company)
  • Delivery days: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 according to the operation hours of the delivery company.
  • All available product codes are delivered within Greece and in remote areas as well. – we make deliveries within Greece and in remote areas for all the available product codes.

We contact the customer by phone – call our customer , we set the date of delivery according to the  customer’s choice and we eventually deliver the product.


Deliveries out of Greece – abroad.

  • The minimum order amount we deliver is for two or more products as they are priced in Euro.
  • From 0.5 kg and above the transport charge is defined in euro according to the discount price list of DHL, TNT.
  • Delivery Days : from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 according to the opening  hours of the delivery company.


How deliveries are made.

DHL or TNT team contact the customer by phone- call our customer , they set the date of delivery according to the customer’s  choice and eventually deliver the product.

Orders up to 60 pieces, products are being prepared and delivered to Speedex, DHL or TNT within 2 days.

For ordering  more than 60 pieces, the preparation of the products as well as their delivery to Speedex, DHL, TNT can take up to 3 days.

All the available product codes are delivered by Speedex Courier in all the regions of Greece either remote or hard to reach.

All the available product codes are delivered abroad by DHL, TNT services only for countries of EU.

Cretanthos ,aiming at the immediate customer service, offers you multiple payment methods so you can choose the one that is most suitable for you.

In details:


Credit or debit cards:

Pay securely on line with Visa, Maestro and
Mastercard debit and credit cards. We use the EOG network to securely
process your payment. At the moment, we do not accept American Express
or Diners Club credit cards.


B2B customers:

For any questions regarding b2b orders and invoicing
please contact or 2834022192, 2831055455, 6982070427.
Find out more on our secure payments policy at Privacy policy.

  • In the following tabs you are able to find all the information you need about our products ( like chemical analysis, ingredients, nutritional characteristics etc) that will help you decide on what to order.
  • Our recipes and our articles are here for you to get inspired , to provide you with ideas  and help you understand better not only our products but also our innovations.
  • accepts also phone orders. Contact us – Call us immediately at 2834022192, 2831055455, 6982070427 and we will be more than glad to help you and secure your order in any way possible.

All the products that are traded from the site of Cretanthos, they meet all the quality standards. Whether you are dissatisfied from any of our products, you should contact immediately the customer service team at +302831055455, +302834022192 & +306982070427 to get informed about the possible ways to return it. informs you that:

The buyer abroad has the right to return any of the products within 12 days, as long as the products, their packaging  and the secure box of transfer remain intact .

What is is a new electronic shop with delicated products. Being true to its name, in you shall find SELECTED, SOPHISTICATED CRETAN PREMIUM PRODUCTS of our own production! We deliver at your doorstep, using a specialized cooperator’s fleet of vehicles to carry your groceries and other products, at the day and time that fits your programme. In, we strive to offer fresh, and exceptional quality products to our customers, along with a carefree and easy buying experience.

How can I contact

The easiest way is to fill in the contact form and let us know about your concern. Also, feel free to call us, at: +302834022192, +302831055455, +306982070427.

Which are the delivery days and hours?

Orders are delivered Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 18:00. One step before completing  your order, you can write down the day and the time that you prefer for delivery at the tab :  ‘’ NOTES FOR THE DELIVERY ‘’.

No deliveries are made during Sundays and official holidays.

Are you deliver with express shipping?

Oh yeah! Express deliveries are possible, you can choose the slot ’’EXPRESS SHIPPING’’  which is provided. Your order will be at your place 2 working days earlier that the standard shipping. ( this doesn’t concern difficult reach areas )

How can I change the personal details of my account, such as my name, email, telephone number, etc.?

Editing your personal details has never been easier. After logging in using your email address and password, visit your account page. There, you will find all necessary details and personal details grouped together. Click on the respective link to view and edit the details.

Which Credit or Debit cards do we accept? accepts all the debit cards Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

How can I remove a product from the online basket?

You can easily direct yourself in the basket and check the symbols + and that you can find next to the picture of every product of your choice. With these symbols you are able to add or remove some quantity of the product you have chosen. If you wish to delete completely the product from your basket just click on the symbol X and then click on the “refresh” button to complete all the essential changes.

I found a damaged product. What should I do?

Cretanthos pays great attention on the quality of the products and on the safe (their) delivery to the customer. Our company has invested gravely to its facilities as well as  its specially-trained staff so that you receive the products of your choice intact. If you deliver a faulty product , please do call the customer service team  or email us at by sending a picture of the damaged product.

Can you find us in Social Media (instagram etc)?

Sure you can! Our company has its own Instagram page where you can get informed with our latest news , recipes, competitions we run as well as the latest articles we publish for you! You can also find us on Facebook and on YouTube. You can choose what is best for you and you can keep your selves informed with our latest news.

Do we respond only to individuals or also to companies?

Cretanthos responds not only to individuals but also to companies. If you are interested to be a b2b customer in Cretanthos, please, fill in the contact form or send email to and a representative of the b2b department of our company will be glad to contact you immediately to inform you and talk about our potential partnership.

How to secure the quality and safety of the products?

Cretanthos puts emphasis on how to secure the quality and safety of each product that we offer. Beside the strict standards we share as producers and suppliers,our products are examined throughout their  production and packaging  by the section  of quality control  of our company.  When the products get approved ,  we place them in warehouses where we control the temperature – the temperature is controlled  so as to keep them fresh as the first day of their production.

What information do we provide you with about our products?

In you can easily find all the information, description , photographs and panel test  characteristics for all of our products along with their nutritional information- standards.

Until when can I consume the product and how to preserve it?

Our products are produced and packaged directly in the first stages of maturation of olives.This is how we manage to keep their duration and preserve their characteristics until the consumption. A product should be used – consumed before its expiration date. You should always be consulted after the instruction manual and preserve as it is recorded in the package.

Where is our headquarters?

Cretanthos is situated in Ageliana village in the PDO of north Milopotamos, in the south of Rethymnon. You can visit our facilities as they are open to the public.