Our olive oil, our history…

My grandsire, George, was a teacher. He was teaching the truth to children. After school, he used to spend time with his olive trees. He was loving them as his students. He was caring of his olive fields and they was in excellent condition. He was kind to all, especially to people who worked at his fields, that poorly years. He used to give some bottles of his excellent quality olive oil (“the gold liquid” as he used to say) to poor people of the village.

Many years later, his son, my grandfather Pantelis, continued the family tradition of olive oil production and he walked in the way of his father: love and respect to human and nature. He introduced “koroneiki” cultivar to these fields and he produced excellent quality of olive oil with low acidity and more fruity taste.

My parents continued to cultivate these olive fields. Their passion and love for the land of our ancestors and the family tradition was unique and remarkable. My sister and I, grew up in these olive fields and our parents pass these values to us.

At age of 23, when I’ve completed my studies in architecture and interior design, i decided to go this family tradition one step further by creating our own olive oil brand Cretanthos®. Our goal is to produce even more high phenolic olive oil of excellent quality. Five years later, i gathered all the knowledge of my studies to built a bottling factory with high standards in Angeliana, Northern Mylopotamos in Crete. Today, my family cultivates these olive fields. Love and respect to olive trees and nature passes from one generation to another. With environmentally friendly consciousness, our aim is to promote organic farming in Crete.

We attended many seminars on food management and safety, product promotion and entrepreneurship. Then, we export in countries of Europe, America and Asia, so Cretanthos® olive oil reach consumer’s table of many countries in the world.

Our vision is to continue this family tradition in order to produce high quality olive oil that protects human health. Therefore, rigorous quality control of cultivation, harvesting production and storage of olive oil is of paramount importance to us. We committee high quality and high phenolic level in olive oil from production to consumption. Our aim is to give the opportunity to people all over the world come in touch with cretan diet, in order to come closer to cretan tradition.

We produce certified, organic, extra virgin olive oil; product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of Northern Mylopotamos in Crete, which it’s rich in antioxidants (polyphenols). It’s produced by Cold Extraction method, thus maintaining its nutritional value. In Cretanthos’s bottling factory, we store olive oil in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen system. Our goal is to maintain the high quality of olive oil from production to consumption.

This is our olive oil, this is our legacy!

George Tzianoudakis
Founder of Cretanthos®

George Tzianoudakis is the founder of Cretanthos® company. The aim of the company is to produce and bottling superior quality of organic extra virgin olive oil. He was only 23 years old when he founded his own brand of olive oil Cretanthos® to continue the family tradition of olive oil production.

Putting down all the knowlenge of his studies in Architecture and Interior Design, he built his own Factory of Olive Oil Bottling in Angeliana Milopotamos in Crete, few years later in the age of 27. In the past, he worked in Finland as an architect but he had to return in Greece for the Greek Army. He participated in seminars for business management, food management & safety and marketing.

From the very beginning, cretanthos has been known abroad. Consequently, Cretanthos® exports cretan olive oil in countries of Europe, America and Asia. His vision is to produce high quality organic extra virgin olive oil which has many benefits in human health. Because of that, he is very attentive of how he cultivate the olives, how the olives grinded, how to keep and bottled the olive oil. Consequently, the olive oil reach in consumer’s plate pure and very rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant factor very beneficial for human health. He wants to give the chance to people all over the world to come closer to Cretan diet, tradition and philosophy of living. “This will transform their lives for ever” he says.