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Intellectual Property Rights

All contents of the website (www.cretanthos.com) are the intellectual property of the CRETANTHOS company, which is the only legal administrator of the website. Cretanthos® is responsible for the design, structure and creation of the website. All the components contained in this website (information, images, texts, graphics etc.) are subject to copyright law. Any reproduction, saving, distribution, sale, publication, execution or broadcasting of this website for any purpose is strictly forbidden without the prior explicit consent of the recipient company.


Prohibition of Website Content Reproduction

The users of this website are prohibited from using any means for copying the website content for any purpose, without the prior explicit consent of the recipient company.


Logos, Names and Trademarks

The trademark and the logo of the CRETANTHOS® company are registered and protected by current copyright law (article 3 law 2598/1998). As specified in the aforementioned law, it is prohibited to use the trademarks, logos or any other item of intellectual property contained in this website for whatever reason except for the one stated above.



CRETANTHOS® does not guarantee and thus is not responsible for any errors found in the website or in the links contained therein.
Moreover, the company cannot guarantee that the files included in the website do not contain viruses or any other content that may be damaging to your computer; thus, it cannot be held liable for any kind of damage or other problem which may be caused by the use of this website.
CRETANTHOS® guarantees that the images and descriptions of the products and services contained in this website match perfectly and present the products and services provided by the company, subject to the potential alteration of the products and services without prior update of the website, while the website and all its content may change without notice.
Thus, CRETANTHOS® is not responsible for any differences between the website descriptions of the products and services and the actual products and services offered by the company.


Links to other websites

This website may contain links to third websites (‘External Websites’) which CRETANTHOS®does not control, except for the e-shop. CRETANTHOS® does not adopt and is not responsible for the content, the advertisements, the products, the services or any other components which are present or available on such External Websites. Correspondingly, CRETANTHOS® is not responsible for the content of the web pages which provide a link to its website.



CRETANTHOS® guarantees the protection and respect for your privacy, as well as the protection of your personal data. For this reason, this website has been designed in accordance with the existing national and Community legal framework which governs the protection of personal data and, in particular, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (EU R 2016/679). In compliance with the above, CRETANTHOS® notifies you of this legal policy on privacy protection, with the purpose of informing you about the personal data it collects and how these are used, about their retention period and about your ability to request the deletion of your personal data whenever you wish to do so.
This privacy policy applies to all the activities of the company.

Types of Collected Information

The information we collect about you, whether directly or indirectly, may include your first name, last name, father’s name, postal address, email addresses, telephone numbers, identity card or passport data, tax identification number, credit card data, nationality, sex, consuming habits data, personal preferences data, and any other piece of information which is necessary in order for us to meet your personal requirements or to provide the services which you request.

Personal Data Collection Method

CRETANTHOS® uses natural and/or digital communication channels to collect your personal data. These may be documents which are used in our facilities and/or digital documents that are available online, as well as documents which are completed before third parties that transact with our company in order to serve you (such as transport services). These documents may contain information on your first name, last name, father’s name, postal address, email addresses, telephone numbers, identity card or passport data, tax identification number, credit card data, nationality, sex, consuming habits data and personal preferences data. Moreover, we collect information via the completion of the registration form on our website, which is optional, and via the completion of the order form in the e-shop of this website. If you register and subscribe or make an online purchase, you will provide general data such us your full name, father’s name, email address, address of establishment, tax identification number, and possibly credit card data for the fulfilment of your order.

Furthermore, the Application may automatically collect specific information such as, indicatively, the Internet Protocol address (IP address) of your device, the operating system of your device, the type of browser you use and information about how the Application is used.

Special Categories of Personal Data

According to article 9 of the EU R 2016/679, ‘special categories of personal data’ means the personal data which refer to the ‘racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical views or participation in a trade union, as well as the processing of genetic data, biometric data with the purpose of unambiguously identifying an individual, health data, sex life data or sexual orientation data of a natural person’. CRETANTHOS does not collect sensitive personal data, unless these are provided to us with your explicit consent for every relevant processing purpose.

Minor Data

CRETANTHOS® does not seek to directly transact with minors or to directly obtain personal data by them, without the permission of their parent or legal guardian. Given the fact that it is not possible to control the age of the people who enter or use the website of our company, we request that the minors’ parents or guardians contact us if they notice any transaction of the minors with our company and, thereby, unauthorised disclosure of personal data on their part, in order to correspondingly exercise the rights provided to them, such as the deletion of their data.

Processing Purpose

CRETANTHOS® collects personal data according to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU R 2016/679) and the corresponding national law in order to offer you services of selling olive oil and other products, and services of packaging, standardisation and collection of the olive tree fruit. Within this framework, we collect your personal data for the purposes stated below:

To implement the contracts that we have concluded with you and to deliver the products or operate our services in time (e-shop services, direct sales etc.), as we are legally obliged to do in order to conclude the aforementioned contracts;

To fulfil our legal and tax obligations;
To improve our products and services and to conduct research via questionnaires or oral questions;
To increase the effectiveness of our websites and of the various means of communication that we use, as well as for reasons of advertising and promoting our products and services.

In case that the data processing purposes are modified, CRETANTHOS® will notify you before it makes any use of your data, providing you with information on the new processing purposes, subject to the processing of data for reasons of legal and tax obligations of our company, for which no prior consent or notification of the data subject is required.


Data Disclosure (Transfer or Access)

CRETANTHOS® does not disclose your personal data to any third parties for no reason unless this is necessary for the conclusion of a contract between us, or in case this is an obligation dictated by law. Within this framework, we may disclose your personal data to public services if we are obliged by law. Regarding the purchases which are made via the e-shop in particular, the CRETANTHOS®company, inevitably and for the purpose of implementing a concluded contract, discloses only your personal data that are necessary -your full name, father’s name, address and telephone number- to the company which transports and delivers the purchased products.

We may also disclose your personal data to third parties in Greece or abroad; these parties will process the data under a written order and according to the clarifications of our company (Controllers). We always guarantee that these third parties will implement corresponding measures for the protection of your personal data and will act strictly in accordance with the written orders of our company regarding the handling of your data.

CRETANTHOS® does not sell, lease or give any third party physical access to your data. Your personal data are disclosed or accessed by third parties only in the following cases:

If we have obtained your consent;
If the disclosure of your personal data is dictated by legislative arrangements of any form, or by court decisions;
If this is required for reasons of fulfilling our contractual obligations, such as delivering any purchased products to you;
If the life, health or property of any person is at risk.

In the above cases of disclosure of your data, CRETANTHOS® limits the extent of the disclosed information to what is strictly necessary for the fulfilment of each specific purpose.

Internet Technologies

The website of CRETANTHOS® may use cookies, invisible pixels and web beacons to obtain information about your browsing to them. For more information regarding the use of cookies, please read the Cookies Policy of our company.

User Rights

As specified in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU R 2016/679), you have the right to:
(i) Be informed about the processing of your personal data (right of access) and to request and obtain further information on the processing that has taken place;
(ii) Request the correction of your personal data if they are inaccurate;
(iii) Request the deletion of the personal data that you have provided unless this is prohibited for lawful purposes;
(iv) Request the limitation of the processing;
(v) Request the portability of your personal data, and
(vi) Be opposed to their further processing.
In these cases, CRETANTHOS® will answer in writing within 30 days from the receipt and identification of your request unless more reasonable time is justifiably required due to the special characteristics of the request.
Moreover, in case you exercise one or more of the aforementioned rights, CRETANTHOS® commits to forward the relevant requests to all the third parties to which your data have been disclosed within the framework of the above processing purposes.

Contact Person for Data Protection Matters
In order to ensure the effective protection of your personal data, CRETANTHOS® has appointed a Contact Person for Data Protection matters, to whom the data subjects can submit requests and address questions regarding the present privacy policy, using the contact details provided below:
[Georgios Tzianoudakis, Aggeliana – Milopotamos, +30 6982070427, +30 2834022192, e-mail: info@cretanthos.com]
If you believe that your personal data are breached in any way, you can address the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, using the following contact details: www.dpa.gr , Address: 1-3 Kifisias Ave., 115 23, Athens, Call Centre: +30 210 6475600, Fax: +30 210 6475628, e-mail: contact@dpa.gr

Data Security

Although no method of online transfer or electronic data storage is 100% safe, CRETANTHOS® implements all the commercial reasonable measures and procedures to preserve the accuracy of your data and to ensure the proper use of the data it collects about you, as well as to ensure and protect your personal data from any unauthorised access, while you enjoy the products and services offered to you during your physical presence at the facilities of the company or when you visit our website.
Data Retention Period
Your personal data are retained for a predetermined and limited period of time, depending on the processing purpose; after this period, the data are deleted from the records of the company unless another retention period is prescribed or allowed by the existing legislation. We inform you that, within the framework of the current tax legislation and in particular par. 1 art. 84 law 2238/1994, par 2 art. 57 law 2859/000, and par. 1 art. 7 law 4308/2014, in case a purchase is made via the e-shop, our company is obliged to retain your personal data for a time period of six (6) years, subject to the extension of the aforementioned period in accordance with new legislation of any form or for reasons of compliance of the company with a corresponding instruction from the competent supervising tax authority, or for reasons of compliance with a court decision.
Updates of the Privacy Policy
CRETANTHOS® may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time for reasons of compliance with legislative changes or for other business purposes, always within the framework of the respective applicable legislation. The updated versions of this privacy policy will be uploaded to the website of our company and the date will be stated therein, so that it is clear which the most recent updated version is.