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Bio Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Hand Picked


We challenge you to taste Cretanthos Olive Oil Super food and enjoy its rich texture, unique aroma and flavour, as well as our signature golden green colour with your beloved ones.

This olive oil has an intense golden-green colour and is characterized by: Strong fruity, strong bitterness and strong pungency.

Chef suggests:

Use it on your freshly cut green salad or as a dressing over chocolate ice cream (we challenge you to test it)!!

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Βio Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Monumental Olive Trees – Hand Picked


The Cretanthos Βio Early Harvest Olive Oil from Monumental Olive Trees is hand picked and produced from 2 monumental olives of the well-known “Koroneiki” variety (based on the DNA TEST carried out on each one of them) located in the UNESCO-certified Cretanthos Olive Park in Angeliana Village in North of Mylopotamos in Crete. Therefore it is the best unti-inflamatory gift for your loved ones who are experiencing problems with chronic osteoarthrites pain.
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